Privacy Policy

In light of the importance of protecting personal information in an advanced information communications society, we at Shin Kurushima Sanoyas Shipbuilding Corporation have established the following privacy policy to ensure appropriate handling of personal information.

  1. Basic stance on personal information
    • We will never acquire, use or maintain personal information for any purpose other than business activities.
    • We will delete or destroy personal information in a timely and appropriate manner when it is no longer relevant to our business activities.
    • If we need to collect, use or maintain personal information, we will appropriately handle such personal information based on the following paragraphs.
  2. Collection of personal information
    • We will collect personal information in compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as guidelines and rules established by administrative and other bodies regarding personal information, and by and through proper and fair methods within the scope of our stated business purpose.
  3. Use of personal information
    • When collecting personal information, we will specify the purpose of its use, and we will use the information within the necessary scope of the stated business purpose(s).
    • If we jointly use personal information together with third parties or entrust the handling of personal information to third parties, we will endeavor to select contractors who comply with a fair standard of protection of personal information, and exercise necessary and proper supervision.
  4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
    • We will not provide personal information to third parties without permission, unless otherwise stipulated in laws and regulations.
  5. Control of personal information
    • We will take appropriate and reasonable measures, technically and organizationally, to prevent personal information from being lost, destroyed, altered, divulged, or accessed by an unauthorized person.
    • We will endeavor to keep personal information accurate and updated.
  6. Response to information owners
    • If an information owner wishes to disclose, change or revise his/her information, we will respond to the request promptly after confirming that the request has been made by the appropriate person.
  7. Development of privacy compliance programs and its continuing improvement
    • We will ensure that all our directors and employees understand the importance of protecting personal information and develop and implement internal privacy compliance programs (including this policy, the Basic Guidelines Concerning Protection of Personal Information, and other established rules and regulations) to ensure the protection of personal information. We will also establish a security management system for personal information protection specific to the operation and size of each department/division, and keep all employees and everyone concerned informed about the compliance programs and systems. We will maintain and continue to improve these programs and systems.
  8. For more regarding protection of personal information:
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Youji Morimoto
Shin Kurushima Sanoyas Shipbuilding Corporation