Our Company

Company Profile

Founded October 3, 2011
Capital 2 billion yen
Accounting period April-March (annual)
President & CEO Youji Morimoto
Business Profile
  • Design, production, sale, rental, lease, installation, repair, maintenance and inspections of the items listed below and general facilities related to them
    1. Ships
    2. Marine machinery
    3. Tanks and other steel structures
    4. Other machines, apparatuses, and equipment
  • Design, supervision and contracting for construction and civil engineering
  • General steel industrial business
  • Marine transportation
  • Hotel business and management, operation, and supervision of restaurant
  • Food processing of stock farm products and marine products and selling of liquor, cigarettes, groceries and daily necessities


Mizushima Shipyard

2767-21 Kojima Shionasu, Kurashiki City, Okayama Pref. 711-8588, Japan

TEL.(086)475-1551 / FAX.(086)475-0523

Research & Development Dept.
TEL.(086)475-1071 / FAX.(086)475-1611
Quality Assurance Dept.
TEL.(086)475-0375 /  FAX.(086)475-0523
Osaka Shipyard

5-13-37 Minami-Tsumori, Nishinari-ku, Osaka 557-0063, Japan

TEL.(06)6661-1221 / FAX.(06)6651-2205

Ship Repair Dept.
TEL.(06)6661-1026 / FAX.(06)6661-1434